Remotely™ is your partner in multi-family real estate.

We partner with you to provide housing for the remote workforce, including nurses, construction workers, and other traveling professionals.

If you’re interested in adding mid-term housing to your portfolio, our team can help. Whether you have two units available or 20, with Remotely you will experience:

  • Increased Rents
  • Higher Occupancy
  • Zero Turnover
  • Professional Service
Fully furnished apartment with comfortable bed
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(3 days – 30 days)
Sales Reps, Recruiters, Executives, Business Development

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(3-6 months)
Nurses, emergency workers

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(3-6 months)
Engineers, linemen, IT, telecom, work visas

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(4-15 months or more)
Doctors, surgeons, scientists, analysts

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(4-15 months or more)
General contractors, architects, government, contractors, construction crews

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(4-15 months or more)
Critical employee relocation, corporate HQ, relocation

Remotely Partners Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mid-Term Housing?
Mid-term housing is a new market segment that’s gaining traction in the real estate industry. It’s generally defined as furnished housing for remote workers staying for three to nine months on average.

Who are typical Remotely guests?
Our focus is the remote worker. We appeal to medical professionals like traveling nurses and doctors as well as graduate students, professors, contractors, and IT professionals, and more.

How is the apartment cleaned after each stay?
We employ a team of cleaning professionals that bring hotel cleaning standards to your units and common spaces.

What if a Remotely guest has a question?
All Remotely guests are instructed to contact us directly. Remotely only reaches out to your team when absolutely necessary.

Do you screen your guests?
Yes. Background checks and risk analysis reviews are performed on all of our guests.

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“The apartment furnishings were comfortable and so clean on arrival. The hosts were always communicative, friendly, and accommodating!”

– Laura